7 Reasons Foodies Need To Visit Greenville NOW

When it comes to travel, we’re always trying to get ahead of the trends (and the crowds!), so when I was asked to visit Greenville, South Carolina, on an assignment to scope out their foodie scene and take photographs for an advertorial, my curiosity was piqued. I had never been to Greenville before and hadn’t really thought of it as a foodie destination. Not only did I find amazing restaurants and fantastic coffee, but the downtown area was a photographer’s dream! You can take a peek at the advertorial in Food and Wine magazine’s September issue, and Travel+ Leisure’s October issue! But since I could only place a limited number of photos on a print page, I just had to share more pics here!

7 Reasons Foodies Need To Visit Greenville NOW

– Craft Coffee To-Die-For

Three words — Raspberry Tres Leches Cappuccino. Okay. That was four words. But you get the point. Downtown Greenville’s Methodical Coffee totally geeks out over finding local roasters and coffees of sustainable origin. They make a damn good cappucino and will even add a seasonal twist, like the summertime inspired one I mentioned above. If you have time, order a flavorful siphon coffee and enjoy the show.

2 – A BBQ Trail That’ll Make You Drool

Driving through the Carolinas, you’ll notice quite a few BBQ shacks with the smoke stacks billowing with flavor. There’s even a “100 Mile BBQ” list that tests out all the BBQ spots worth driving a 100 miles for. You’ll try 2 of those spots on the Greenville BBQ Trail Tour and get a taste of the different regional sauces as well as an insider’s look into the history of barbecue. Just be sure to arrive hungry! Instead of small bites to try, they give full-sized meal portions on this tour!

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